Gorren "The Blackhearted" Blacklove

A High Standing Noble's Son in the Augment.


With White hair and dark eyes, the most noticeable thing about Gorren is his wickedly toothed black blade.


No one knows much about Gorren, other than the fact that he is a noble’s son, he probably isn’t using his real last name, he is definitely lying about his age, he once found the cure for vampirism, his sister is almost 100 years older than him, he doesn’t like to be healed, his family is on speaking terms with the Elf King, and he’s incredibly adept at magic and various studies. Actually, you know quite a lot about Gorren, just not many finer details.

Gorren is definitely from a family of high rank and noble birth, perhaps even divine in nature. He is much longer lived than you might think, having earned several titles already. Most predominantly among them are “The Blackhearted”, “Black Butcher” and the “Bloody Knight”, each heard whispered by tavern goers in the northwest isles.

Gorren "The Blackhearted" Blacklove

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