Welcome to Landover, Year 100, The Era Rise.

Once founded in the year 80, the beginning of the present era Rise, the Augment took it upon them to stop the Gnome trickery befalling travelers and traders on the mainland, and to enforce a naval presence along the western trade routes, slowing but not halting the orc raids. Today, the Augment holds headquarters with the other guilds in the Black Spire, atop the floating Isle of Black Peak.

In the years 85, 90, and 95, the various races founded more guilds known as the Dawn’s Eyes, Death’s Gaze, and the Order of the Light – the new religious order. Today, along with the Augment, these guilds make up the Pact. Operating out of the Black Spire, the Pact sends out parties to quell unrest in cities, handle orcs and gnomes across Landover, and to ensure the repressing of any and all creatures that crawl forth from the Worldscar in the Spawn.

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