The History of Landover

The Dawn of Records: (Year 0)

The world of Landover is a harsh one. Only 100 years have passed since the Spawning, a catastrophic event only heard of in legend. The Chantry, a religious organization of monks, scholars and clerics was founded to combat the growing unrest of the surviving peoples, beginning the first year of the recorded era, known as the Dawn of Records.


The Era Falling (Year 1-25)

The next twenty years would come to be known as the Falling, when the three temples – Light, Over and Under – fell to the dark powers of the Spawn. The first to fall was the closest to the Worldscar, the Temple of Light, in the year 5. The Temple of Light, now known as the Dark Temple, still resides, but only demons dwell within.

In the year 10, the second temple, the Temple of Over in the north, was abandoned, coinciding with the first sighting of dwarves since the Dawn of Records. Both the humans of the Chantry and the dwarves of Frostcrypt fled south from the region of Frozen Hammer, driven out by storm giants in the southern Storm Hill Peaks. The Temple of Over still stands, though it is dangerous to venture there.

The last standing temple, the Temple of Under, fell unexpectedly, simply growing silent in the year 20. Later, in the year 35, the first seen elves since the Spawning established a Glade on the southernmost island of Serpent’s Kiss, just south of Under. They investigated the Temple of Under, but no scouting party ever returned from the abandon tower.

With the falling of the last temple, the Chantry disbanded, and all lost hope in the gods until the year 85.

The Era Elvwyrn (Year 26-44)

In the year 35, when Gladwyvn was established on Serpent’s Kiss, the time known now as the era Elvwyrn, or “Elves Rising” began. It was followed by the establishment of Deathknell Glade in Death’s Edge, and Evlynwyvr Glade in Reachcliff, in the year 40.

The Era Respawn (Year 45-59)

The era Elvwyrn ended in the year 40, when the devils reemerged from the Worldscar, traveling outward from the Spawn and taking Dark Pass. The dwarves reemerged as a response, and together with the humans of Last Tip, stopped the taking of Prong. In the north, the elves of Deathknell Glade in Death’s Edge halted the demons from a campaign north. For the time of the year 40 to the year 55, known as the era Respawn, the war raged in bloody vigor.

The Era Redawn (Year 60-67)

It wasn’t until the year 60, at the start of the era Redawn, that the humans of Reachcliff recovered in numbers vast enough to traverse the entirety of The Spawn, retaking the land beneath the sky for the mortal races.


The Era Unlamented (Year 68-79)

The peace did not last long, however. In the year 70, beginning the era Unlamented, the orcs emerged from their island in the northeast, the Orclands of Northmarch. Orc raids grew in frequency, almost halting trade along west Alland and all of Outland. The Gnomes awakened in year 75, causing troubles and disturbances in the forests and mountains across Landover. These events led to the founding of the Augment.

The Era Present, the Era Rise (Year 80-Now)

Once founded in the year 80, the beginning of the present era Rise, the Augment took it upon them to stop the Gnome trickery befalling travelers and traders on the mainland, and to enforce a naval presence along the western trade routes, slowing but not halting the orc raids. Today, the Augment holds headquarters with the other guilds in the Black Spire, atop the floating Isle of Black Peak.

In the years 85, 90, and 95, the various races founded more guilds known as the Dawn’s Eyes, Death’s Gaze, and the Order of the Light – the new religious order. Today, along with the Augment, these guilds make up the Pact. Operating out of the Black Spire, the Pact sends out parties to quell unrest in cities, handle orcs and gnomes across Landover, and to ensure the repressing of any and all creatures that crawl forth from the Worldscar in the Spawn.

The History of Landover

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