The Heroes of Landover

The Saints:

After the era Redawn, each of the four major races adopted their own heroes of the war, and some of the guilds even prize these soldiers as leaders of their guilds, despite them dying off long before the guilds were founded.


Artemis the Strong

Many humans name their firstborn sons after Artemis the Strong, hoping to instill his good fortune, noble valor and knightly resolve into their offspring. Artemis died during the retaking of the Spawn, one of the generals from Reachcliff that helped lead the army across the Spawn to Dark Pass.
Artemis is regarded as a saint by the Dawn’s Eyes.

Wvyral the Kind

Though the elves are a proud race, they sometimes succumb to the desire to name their children after famous heroes of the past just as humans do, and one of the favorites is Wvyral the Kind, the elven cleric who gave her life to save Artemis the Strong all those years ago.
Wvyral is regarded as a saint by the Order of the Light.

Harsk the Cunning

Dwarves rarely name their children after Harsk. It is not that they despise naming their children after famous heroes of the past – quite the opposite, they love to, and you’ll oft meet a dwarf named Artemis. No, the reason they do not name their children after Harsk is his choice of battlefield tactic. What many dwarves call “dishonorable”, Harsk was a master of stealth, closing in behind enemy lines and taking out the strongest of monsters before the rest of the army even arrived.
Harsk is regarded as a saint by Death’s Gaze.

Etune the Trickster

Though he did not actually hold magical power, Etune the Halfling was a master of evocation and the use of magical objects, as well as swordplay. He was so adept, he was often targeted by anti-magic devices the Spawn employed, thinking him a wizard powerless without magic. This of course led to him taking them out with his twin swords, much to their surprise.
Etune is regarded as a saint by the Augment.

The Heroes of Landover

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