The Cities of Landover

Human Settlements:

Flame, port town on the Isle of Glow, Ember Islands.
Last Tip, port town on the peninsula of Prong, Alland.
Point, in Southmarch, Alland.
Cliff, northern Reachcliff, Outland.
Reach, southern Reachcliff, Outland.
The Dock, floating settlement near The Black Peak.
The Human Leaders

Elven Glades:

Deathknell, in the forest of Death’s Ege, Alland.
Evlynwyvr, in the forest of Reachcliff, Outland.
Gladwyvn, southernmost island of Serpants Kiss, Noland.
The Elvish Conclaves

Dwarven Dwarfhomes:

Frostcrypt, abandon dwarfhome in Frozen Hammer, Alland.
Mine, on the Isle of Coal, Ember Islands.
Underforge, port dwarfhome in Hammerforge, Alland.
Firehome, in the mountains of Prong, Alland.
The Dwarven Kings

Halfling Underfoots:

High Hill, port underfoot of Hammerforge, Alland.
Underway, trading hub of Southmarch, Alland.
Hardmaze, port underfoot of Hardmaze, unclaimed.
The Halfling Mayors

The Cities of Landover

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