Branding a Demon

The paladins of Point are a noble and hardy lot. This is no accident – the graduation process weeds out any too weak to be soldiers who haven’t dropped out already.


The long, dangerous ritual involves dressing in simple cloths and taking a sword, usually silver but sometimes iron or steel of very fine work. The most promising students are gifted with adamantine blades. Nothing else is permitted on the journey, not even food. The initiate must survive for almost two months as they journey up to the Spawn, just north of the Dark Temple. There they trap a demon, and through an ancient magic oath to their god or goddess, usually Iomedae, they discern its true name.


They inscribe this name in demonic script from the language Abyssal into their blades. Although most paladins cannot read this script, or even pronounce it, it still works to bind the blade to their demon. The weapon itself is now a holy weapon of Iomedae, or whichever deity the paladin dedicated it to, and is extremely deadly in the hands of a paladin.

Although others can use the sword to slay demons, or at least banish them, it has no effect on any demon stronger than the one which was bound to it unless used by a paladin, and depending on the deity it is sworn for can cause evil men to die simply by wielding it in battle.

Branding a Demon

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