Twin Blades "Zemah Zii & Briinah Sil"

Emrhyndel's Twin Blades


Two brightly shining blades that give off the unmistakable aura of magic, so strong it is perceptible even to untrained eyes.


Zeymah Zii and Briinah Sil were the legendary blades forged by dwarf for elf. As if this wasn’t impressive enough, they were stolen before they could be gifted to the elves as a peace offering.

The thief was none other than Elhaiindrel (loosely translated to “Scoundrel”), also known as Krahdolkiir by non-elves, a mischevious fey dragon who took the blades as a prank. He hoped that the elves would blame the dwarves, but Emrhyndel was smarter. He met with the dwarves in person, and believed their tale of Elhaiindrel. He traveled alone into the forest to find the dragon himself, and reclaim the blades.

Once he thought he’d found him, however, the dragon turned out to be no more than a statue wrought of cold iron. Emrhyndel knew it to be a trick of the dragon, whose namesake betrayed him as hiding in an illusion (since Krahdolkiir means Cold Iron Child). Instead of believing it an elaborate sculpture, a trick of the dwarves, he simply sat down and began talking to the statue.

He told Krahdolkiir of his life, of his people’s struggle with the dwarves and the unrest caused by the demon armies. He then ended with a puzzle:

Fos los fask nuz buruk ol gol,
Sosaal nuz lost hil do dol?
(What is soft and hard like metal, but still bleeds but also has a heart made of stone)

The dragon, thinking himself more clever than the elf, immediately solved the puzzle:

“Zey, hi tinvaak. Unt burukiik.”
(It is me who you speak of. You need to try much harder)

Emrhyndel merely smiled, and stood as the dragon realized his mistake in talking.

“Dwyblin elnai bragwyn vulnyr.”
(Patience is better than gold, dragon, horde it instead)

With that, the dragon bowed to it’s mental superior, breathing upon the blades a magical essence tied to Krahdolkiir himself, and gifting them back to the elf captain, bestowing upon the blades the draconic names for “Brother Spirit, Sister Soul”, and naming the elf “Onikfahtuz” (wise old blade), as giving a mortal a draconic name is one of the highest forms of respect a dragon can show.

Twin Blades "Zemah Zii & Briinah Sil"

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