Thomas Albright

A Human Alchemist, the Son of Marcus Albright of Point.


Blonde hair with silver highlights, characteristic of an Albright. A bright red overcoat barely covers his deformed right arm, which is also a tumor, which is also his companion. Say hello to Righty.

In addition, after a stay at Deathknell Thomas nearly fell to his death. On his way down, he began to quaff every potion and mixture he could find on his person – and sprouted wings. He can’t recreate whatever draft he took during that frantic time, but he can fly now with two angelic wings.


Young, impulsive, and haunted by his past, Thomas’ life is made up of the perfect ingredients to brew a master alchemist.

Thomas was the son of Marcus Albright, a gifted paladin of Iomedae and a prominent noble in Point. Although Thomas was average when it came to swordplay, he failed greatly when it came to faith. Upon reaching the time in his paladin training to perform a lay on hands, Thomas’ prayers fell on deaf ears. Crying, broken and pleading, the teacher lead him from the room as the other acolytes performed their sacred rituals of healing.

After this disgrace, Thomas’ faith crumbled. He sought out ways to make his own healing magic, and came upon a man willing to teach him alchemy, and the sacrilegious secrets of science and blood. With this, he excelled, past his teacher’s expectations, and to the point where the old man couldn’t teach him more. As any alchemist can tell you, the day no one can teach you is the most dangerous day of an alchemist’s life.

With no guiding hand, Thomas experimented on his own, and eventually dabbled in bombcraft. With this, he attempted to get revenge on a bully who had terrorized his friends for long enough. When he first confronted this boy years ago, he had tried to use divine strength to punish the chap, to no avail. This time, he had science on his side, not some fickle goddess. He marched straight up to the boy and attempted to shove the bomb directly in his face, but he forgot to account for the backlash the explosion created. The boy died, and Thomas’ hand, along with most all of his right arm, was blown off.

Later, Thomas would attempt to heal his arm, instead mutating it and growing a detachable snake-like tumor named Righty, who would come to serve as Thomas’ familiar and companion.

After all this transpired, Marcus Albright was distraught, knowing his son a blasphemer and a heretic, yet torn as to what to do about it. To save her husband this distress, Karen Albright, Thomas’ mother, sent Thomas off to the Order. There, he trained under the Dawn’s Eyes as a backline support, eventually earning the rank of Battleforger and gaining entrance into his own Pact group, Red 38.

Thomas Albright

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