The Stripe of the Order of the Light (Gold)

The Last Guild, and Leaders by Divine Right.


Each of the three lesser guilds is represented by three leaders:

One elected by the people to speak for their interests.
One elected by the guild they represent to speak for guild affairs.
The newest parliamentary member of that guild to offer what the humans call a “fresh perspective”.

The Order of the Light is represented by four members: the lesser three, which together with the nine from the lesser guilds make up the Banner, and the Highest, the leader of the Order and Overseer of the Banner. The Highest is currently Wanvulr, also known as “The Elf King”. He is the first Highest, and the founder of the Order.


Elected by the people: Devora, Human of Reach.
A worshipper of Sarenrae and an incredible Seer.

Elected by the guild: Hayvyr, Elf of Gladwyvn.
Also, he is the Overseer of Gladwyvn.

Newest initiate: Mara, Human of the Dock.
A gifted healer and devout follower of Shelyn.

The Stripe of the Order of the Light (Gold)

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