The Stripe of the Dawn's Eyes (Red)

The Second Guild, Founded to Oversee the Augment


Each of the three lesser guilds is represented by three leaders:

One elected by the people to speak for their interests.
One elected by the guild they represent to speak for guild affairs.
The newest parliamentary member of that guild to offer what the humans call a “fresh perspective”.

The Dawn’s Eyes were founded to oversee the Augment, but that left when they integrated with the Order of the Light. Now, the Dawn’s Eyes are the spreaders of the law across Landover. They have the ability to perform search and seizures, and the ability to pass lawful judgment in the absence of an agent of the Order of the Light.


Elected by the people: Marcus, Halfling of Underway.
While most don’t think much of Halflings in the way of combat, Marcus made his name as a brawler even before he was a renowned soldier. After he’d had his fun, however, he went on to graduate from Underway’s Gilded Hall, and is now Mayor of Underway as well.

Elected by the guild: Wvyral, Elf of Evlynwyvr.
Many accuse the guilds of being racist, and one of the best examples of this would-be racism is found in Wvyral of Evlynwyvr. While Wvyral is definitely a good soldier, there seem to be others more deserving of the spot of Guild Elected in the Dawn’s Eyes. Many suspect she only gained her position because she’s the Overseer of Evlynwyvr.

Newest initiate: Hammon, Human of the Dock.
Hammon is brash. He is rude. He will run into any dangerous situation without a plan. But the thing that earned him a spot in the counsel, and thus the title of newest initiate? He lives. Despite all that Hommon has been through and the situations he raises, he always gets out alive and leaves things for the better.

The Stripe of the Dawn's Eyes (Red)

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