The Stripe of the Augment (Blue)

The First Guild, and the most Magic Affine.


Each of the three lesser guilds is represented by three leaders:

One elected by the people to speak for their interests.
One elected by the guild they represent to speak for guild affairs.
The newest parliamentary member of that guild to offer what the humans call a “fresh perspective”.

The Augment was the first founded of the four guilds. Made up mostly of powerful casters and trained spell-swords, the Augment acts as the enforcers of law across Landover. They have the ability to perform arrests, and the ability to perform executions if given the authority by an agent of The Order of the Light.


Elected by the people: Hursh, Dwarf of Underforge.
Dwarves are often some of the most gifted magical talents in Landover. It’s a shame most of them prefer to go into battle wielding steel, rather than expand one what seems to be a natural talent.

Elected by the guild: Dwimyr, Elf of Deathknell.
Elves are very close to magic in their heritage, and Dwimyr is one of the most gifted of all in the arcane arts. The Overseer of Deathknell, Dwimyr is a prime example of elven politics.

Newest initiate: Marsk, Dwarf of Mine.
An expert in runic studies, Marsk is quite easily the best smith when you want to enchant a blade.

The Stripe of the Augment (Blue)

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