The Stripe of Death's Gaze (Green)

The Secret Guild, Still Operating in Shadow


Each of the three lesser guilds is represented by three leaders:

One elected by the people to speak for their interests.
One elected by the guild they represent to speak for guild affairs.
The newest parliamentary member of that guild to offer what the humans call a “fresh perspective”.

Death’s Gaze was founded as a covert organization, but made their presence and influence on Landover (mostly in the eastern regions) known when they integrated into the Order of the Light, bringing their operations more into the law. They have the ability to commandeer transportation, to quarter lodging, or to access otherwise restricted areas, as long as they are accompanied by local authorities and an agent of the Order.


Elected by the people: Maythril, Elf of Last Tip.
A very charismatic leader, Maythril earned his spot on the council with intelligence and tact.

Elected by the guild: Artemis, Human of Flame.
The Mayor of Flame is a prestigious title, and one that seems to come with more perks than you would think…

Newest initiate: Gladwell, Human of Last Tip.
Not many people trust Gladwell. but then again, not many people trust Death’s Gaze, so really, he fits quite well.

The Stripe of Death's Gaze (Green)

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