Wanvulr of Eimondllr "The Elf King"

The Founder and Leader of the Order of the Light.


Wanvulr is almost universally agreed to be a wise and just leader of the Order, and no one questions his divine right to rule. He is from Eimondllr, which loosely means “Ancient Home of Our Ancestors” in Kelni (Kuh-El-Nigh: the original elvish based on Draconic simplifications and Celestial pronunciations, before the adoption of the much smaller Sylvan alphabet). This was the lost city the elves lived in before they emerged to Deathknell.


The Order of the Light is represented by four members: the lesser three, which together with the nine from the lesser guilds make up the Banner, and the Highest, the leader of the Order and Overseer of the Banner. The Highest is currently Wanvulr, also known as “The Elf King”. He is the first Highest, and the founder of the Order. However, it is whispered in the shadows that when Wanvulr dies, as all mortals do, the Order will die with him. This could be true, considering how many of the elves of Landover only bow to the will of the Pact because of Wanvulr himself.

Wanvulr of Eimondllr "The Elf King"

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