Emrika Darkbright

Wife of Rufus Darkbright




A characteristically beautiful half-drow, Emrika was raised in the Black Hills of the Badlands. She was kept by her fellow Shadiek (surface-dwelling clans of drow and half-drow), who raised her to believe her half-human nature was not something to be ashamed of. After all, a mosquito can hardly help that it must drink blood to survive – so she could hardly help who sired her.

She grew to understand her tribe’s point of view, but she always secretly felt her half-human nature was a blessing. She never knew her father, but she did know her mother. She was a slave in the blood crystal mines, where she was taken by one of the slavers. Her mother carried her for only eight and a half months, attempting to do her work for she knew if she stopped mining she would be slain, and if she were slain her baby would be dead as well. But she was unable to keep up her energy, and fell of exhaustion before she could give birth.

Emrika was born, however, as one of the other miner women quickly slit her belly with a pick, and took her in as her own. When Emrika was old enough, her foster mother told her of her birth, of her mother and how she came to be. She told her of the cruelties that the people here faced, and of the Shadiek, surface drow, that would help her lead a better life.

So, Emrika escaped. She never forgot her foster mother, although she can no longer remember her name. Unfortunately, she was destined to fall in love with Rufus Darkbright, a man who would corrupt her heart and make her lean more toward her dark elvish nature than she may like to admit…

Emrika Darkbright

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