Adaire "The Songbird"

A Flirtatious yet Dangerous Vampress.


A young looking woman, as beautiful as she is wicked. Slender and tall, Adaire would appear to be Gorren Blacklove’s older sister at 106. She is never seen in anything but the finest of red silk dresses.


Gorren’s sister, mistress of necromancy, and the leader of a vampire cult, Adaire Blacklove is more than any man could handle. As proof, she’s lead a life of murder and deceit, befriending and betraying any who stand in her way. Adulterous and vindictive, Adaire would make the Devil proud, if it weren’t for the fact some think she’s just the Devil in heels.

Adept in all things black magic, The Songbird earned her main title by creating a spell that allows her to literally sing the dead to life – at the cost of her own life essence. She overcame this, however, by becoming a vampire. Gorren, distressed over his sister’s condition, created a cure for her. Adaire drank the potion that turned her human again, but found herself far weaker than her vampire form. She couldn’t crush a door with one hand. She couldn’t seduce any man she wanted. She couldn’t fly. And most importantly, she couldn’t sing the dead to life anymore.

Furious with her little brother, she went out to become turned once again. She recovered her ability to sing to the dead, although in a weaker version, and one spectacular new power: the ability to walk in the daylight without harm. She beseeched her brother, Gorren, for the recipe of the cure, but he knew what she would do with it. Instead, he burned his alchemy notebook in spite of her.

After this debacle, Gorren was Adaire’s number one target, and no matter how sweet she plays, she’ll always want him dead. But, not before she pries into his mind for that recipe…

Adaire "The Songbird"

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