The Story So Far...

A quick Recap of the Adventure

• Acquired party in the Tower, and teleported to the Docks.
• Sailed to Underway and burned down a small forest. Whoops
• Pact Red 38 agreed to take care of bandits, but got caught before long.
• What is with these crows? The tune is so familiar…
• Gorren was tortured, but not Thomas. Why is he worth so much more?
• The band escaped, and killed their would-be captors.
• Who IS Heaton the Hardened?
• Stupid crows, would you stop whistling!?
• Traveled to Point, upon Thomas’ request – or demand.
• Once there, the group took care of some pest control, before meeting with Thomas’ father.
• Upon Marcus Albright’s request, the group traveled to a small village to investigate theft.
• Turns out animals aren’t the only things going missing – now a woman has disappeared, too.
• The group witnesses a halfling, singing a song about birds, jump from the church steeple, while a crow whistles a familiar tune…
• Adaire, a beautiful and flirtatious woman, meets with the group, and tells them what the ravens have been whistling – the Halfman’s Song.
• Thomas sends a message back to his father, asking for help with the investigation.
• Thomas receives a reply from Point: A paladin squad is on its way to ‘purge’ the town.
• Turns out Gorren knows Adaire – she’s his sister, and she’s a 106 year-old vampire. Oh yeah, Gorren’s 24.
• Gorren, upon knowing who is here in town, knows exactly where they would be hiding. An abandon homestead in the deep woods, that just so happens to be repurposed as a vampire nest.
• After long moral debates, Valindor finally convinces the group to leave before the paladins show up, but not before a fight with what could only be the raised townsfolk.
• Something was wrong with the bodies – they weren’t zombies, they were ghouls. That shouldn’t have been the case.
• The village is destroyed, the people dead, and the coven dealt with by the paladin squad.
• The group has been informed by Adaire that there are Kitsune living in Death’s Edge forest, and Karen Albright confirms that there are Kitsune in that forest.
• Thomas’ mother, Karen, pays for the groups trip to Deathknell as a reward for dealing with the vampires.
• Once in Death’s Edge, there is no sign of Kitsune, or life.
• The party finds an ancient entrance to a cult’s sanctum. Unfortunately, the ancient magic has degraded to the point of danger, and is not just keeping things out, but keeping them in as well.
• “Friend”, a playful and confusing chipmunk, helps the party with hints on the door below.
• Friend turns out to be only disguised as a chipmunk, and once wounded, reveals herself to be a young, human girl. Before they can ask more, however, she sulks away – right through the ancient magic barrier…
• After solving the puzzle on the ancient door, and revealing a massive pit, the group continues through the forest.
• Ambushed by elves, it is made known that Valindor is not who he thinks he is – he’s a pirate named Kitone Romane, and he’s hated by the local population for stealing a valuable sword.
• The party strikes a deal with Emrhyndel, the captain of the guard in Deathknell: Take care of their frost giant problem, and they will forgive Valindor, as well as reward the group with equipment.
• After long debate, the decision is made that if negotiations go south, they won’t be able to take on the giant. So, the group heads east, to find a ship down to the tower, and ask the Order if they will help.
• Once in High Hill, the group finds that there are more giant problems – ettins destroying trade caravans to the dwarves.
• After taking care of some ettins, the party learns of a witch who may grant wishes. How could they refuse?
• Turns out the witch is a lamia, and as they find her singing the halfman’s song, valindor approaches.
• Once the lamia is defeated, the group finds a pile of combs inside her hut – along with a pile of halflings. Poor, gullible halflings.
• With the lamia dealt with, they continue east to hop a trade ship. Along their way, the encounter a village in desperate need.
• Discovering the bodies of the late Pact Red 18, the group uncovers the plot of a demon to “free” everyone of the distress that is life.
• The demon has been dealt with, but that was far too easy, and it’s plan far too simple.
• Now that they’ve secured a merchant’s vessel, they arrive at the docks, and awake to a very uncomfortable sight.


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