On the Hunt for the Weeping Dragon.

The Badlands hold more than Sand

After a long journey, Pact Red 38 is quite close to collecting the ingredients needed to restore Valindor’s memory. Unfortunately, they’ve been sidetracked yet again.

Now, at the behest of House Brelish and the Hand of Recovery, the group has traveled to the Badlands, east of the Black Hills. There they found the dig site where the previous team had been lost, and encountered a man made of quartz crystal. After a long and hard fight, they finally managed to destroy the creature, but instead of celebrating, they ran for the cover of the cave.

Now, as a deadly sandstorm rages outside, they have trapped themselves underground in an ancient dwarven ruin that shouldn’t even be here. What awaits them in the depths below, why was there a crystal golem attacking them outside, and what is the Weeping Dragon Relic?

Only time will tell…


zachary_frosty zachary_frosty

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