A World on Fire

Farewell High hill

The party arrived at High Hill to find that the dragon, now claimed to either be Black or Red, had already torched the town. A massive movement of halflings saw the party escorting them to the docks, and being harassed by kobolds along the way.

Once there, Gorren and Valindor got themselves into trouble, and the party had to flee north towards the dwarves. Along the way, Doram had another vision. This time, it was cold, dark, and ended with a flash of lightning.

Next time, perhaps we will find out why Thomas doesn’t seem to be in full control of his actions, what exactly “Only when the wind blows south” means to Valindor, why Gorren seems to have volatile reactions to holy water, and what Doram’s latest vision means.

Goodbye Shellen people, goodbye High Hill, and goodbye to the happy times.

Beware the Shattered Throne.


zachary_frosty zachary_frosty

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