A World on Fire
Farewell High hill

The party arrived at High Hill to find that the dragon, now claimed to either be Black or Red, had already torched the town. A massive movement of halflings saw the party escorting them to the docks, and being harassed by kobolds along the way.

Once there, Gorren and Valindor got themselves into trouble, and the party had to flee north towards the dwarves. Along the way, Doram had another vision. This time, it was cold, dark, and ended with a flash of lightning.

Next time, perhaps we will find out why Thomas doesn’t seem to be in full control of his actions, what exactly “Only when the wind blows south” means to Valindor, why Gorren seems to have volatile reactions to holy water, and what Doram’s latest vision means.

Goodbye Shellen people, goodbye High Hill, and goodbye to the happy times.

Beware the Shattered Throne.

The Ravens Black

The party has recovered the weeping dragon, at a loss of Sachi. Though she was avenged by Gorren, who killed his sister’s lover Adilocan, she was unable to be saved. Replaced shortly after by the spawnling, Akina, the party continued on their way. Now with two of ingredients required for the memory potion, all they have left is to prepare to infiltrate the Lost Keep on top of Mount Fallen. To do this, they are journeying to High Hill, to see a half-man about a dragon…

On the Hunt for the Weeping Dragon.
The Badlands hold more than Sand

After a long journey, Pact Red 38 is quite close to collecting the ingredients needed to restore Valindor’s memory. Unfortunately, they’ve been sidetracked yet again.

Now, at the behest of House Brelish and the Hand of Recovery, the group has traveled to the Badlands, east of the Black Hills. There they found the dig site where the previous team had been lost, and encountered a man made of quartz crystal. After a long and hard fight, they finally managed to destroy the creature, but instead of celebrating, they ran for the cover of the cave.

Now, as a deadly sandstorm rages outside, they have trapped themselves underground in an ancient dwarven ruin that shouldn’t even be here. What awaits them in the depths below, why was there a crystal golem attacking them outside, and what is the Weeping Dragon Relic?

Only time will tell…

The Story So Far...
A quick Recap of the Adventure

• Acquired party in the Tower, and teleported to the Docks.
• Sailed to Underway and burned down a small forest. Whoops
• Pact Red 38 agreed to take care of bandits, but got caught before long.
• What is with these crows? The tune is so familiar…
• Gorren was tortured, but not Thomas. Why is he worth so much more?
• The band escaped, and killed their would-be captors.
• Who IS Heaton the Hardened?
• Stupid crows, would you stop whistling!?
• Traveled to Point, upon Thomas’ request – or demand.
• Once there, the group took care of some pest control, before meeting with Thomas’ father.
• Upon Marcus Albright’s request, the group traveled to a small village to investigate theft.
• Turns out animals aren’t the only things going missing – now a woman has disappeared, too.
• The group witnesses a halfling, singing a song about birds, jump from the church steeple, while a crow whistles a familiar tune…
• Adaire, a beautiful and flirtatious woman, meets with the group, and tells them what the ravens have been whistling – the Halfman’s Song.
• Thomas sends a message back to his father, asking for help with the investigation.
• Thomas receives a reply from Point: A paladin squad is on its way to ‘purge’ the town.
• Turns out Gorren knows Adaire – she’s his sister, and she’s a 106 year-old vampire. Oh yeah, Gorren’s 24.
• Gorren, upon knowing who is here in town, knows exactly where they would be hiding. An abandon homestead in the deep woods, that just so happens to be repurposed as a vampire nest.
• After long moral debates, Valindor finally convinces the group to leave before the paladins show up, but not before a fight with what could only be the raised townsfolk.
• Something was wrong with the bodies – they weren’t zombies, they were ghouls. That shouldn’t have been the case.
• The village is destroyed, the people dead, and the coven dealt with by the paladin squad.
• The group has been informed by Adaire that there are Kitsune living in Death’s Edge forest, and Karen Albright confirms that there are Kitsune in that forest.
• Thomas’ mother, Karen, pays for the groups trip to Deathknell as a reward for dealing with the vampires.
• Once in Death’s Edge, there is no sign of Kitsune, or life.
• The party finds an ancient entrance to a cult’s sanctum. Unfortunately, the ancient magic has degraded to the point of danger, and is not just keeping things out, but keeping them in as well.
• “Friend”, a playful and confusing chipmunk, helps the party with hints on the door below.
• Friend turns out to be only disguised as a chipmunk, and once wounded, reveals herself to be a young, human girl. Before they can ask more, however, she sulks away – right through the ancient magic barrier…
• After solving the puzzle on the ancient door, and revealing a massive pit, the group continues through the forest.
• Ambushed by elves, it is made known that Valindor is not who he thinks he is – he’s a pirate named Kitone Romane, and he’s hated by the local population for stealing a valuable sword.
• The party strikes a deal with Emrhyndel, the captain of the guard in Deathknell: Take care of their frost giant problem, and they will forgive Valindor, as well as reward the group with equipment.
• After long debate, the decision is made that if negotiations go south, they won’t be able to take on the giant. So, the group heads east, to find a ship down to the tower, and ask the Order if they will help.
• Once in High Hill, the group finds that there are more giant problems – ettins destroying trade caravans to the dwarves.
• After taking care of some ettins, the party learns of a witch who may grant wishes. How could they refuse?
• Turns out the witch is a lamia, and as they find her singing the halfman’s song, valindor approaches.
• Once the lamia is defeated, the group finds a pile of combs inside her hut – along with a pile of halflings. Poor, gullible halflings.
• With the lamia dealt with, they continue east to hop a trade ship. Along their way, the encounter a village in desperate need.
• Discovering the bodies of the late Pact Red 18, the group uncovers the plot of a demon to “free” everyone of the distress that is life.
• The demon has been dealt with, but that was far too easy, and it’s plan far too simple.
• Now that they’ve secured a merchant’s vessel, they arrive at the docks, and awake to a very uncomfortable sight.


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